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Her label is ‘etiquette’
Written by Anna Trevisan   

man_moon.jpgThis woman has travelled the world with a paintbrush as arm. This woman has observed, she took notes, portrayed faces and landscapes joyfully and convincingly. The art of Marion Richard Taylor, Riki for short, is eclectic and versatile: she explored the ores of hundred styles, first period’s abstract expressionism, Cubism, and the intimism of drawings.


After meeting Southern American Diego Riveira in the Fifties, her painting shifts to huge murals, contracted by Moore McCormack shipping lines. In the Sixties she undertakes the “label” series, originally re-thinking the heritage of Braque and Picasso, Marion R. Taylor uses labels of celebrated French wines, in pictorial-photographical patchworks mixing fragments of real matter to pure abstract.


pachinko.jpgResiding in Tokyo inspires her for Pachinko (1967), named after Japanese instance of slot-machines. In 1969, the imaginative suggestion of the first man on the moon inspires her a panoply to merge the antique art of weavers to that of contemporary. After a ten-year hiatus, she is back to art thanks to the colours of Provence, where Taylor spends a vacation. Provencal blooming nourishes her painting, helped by the magic light of India, that positively strikes her. Also, Gaudí’s bright hues penetrate in her art demonstrating the artist’s stunning receptive ability of a wide range of works.


They are almost thought aloud, they are suggestions and stimuli that her life of travel and encounters let her experience. In the same years, Taylor commits to portraits. As an example, that of her ambassador friend Jeanne Kirkpatrick, habitual guest of Taylor’s house in Provence. Throughout the Nineties she keeps committing quite strongly to art, realizing a series of works dedicated to the city of Venice. Right after visiting Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venezia I is born, an explosion of joy and love for the city. 


«Arte Europea 1949-1979»
«M.R. Taylor: dipinti, 1966-2001»
Until 6 May Collezione Peggy Guggenheim