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Home arrow CINEMA arrow [VENEZIA74] Iranian director Vahid Jalilvand presents his film "No date, no signature" (interview)
[VENEZIA74] Iranian director Vahid Jalilvand presents his film "No date, no signature" (interview)
di Andrea Falco   

35546-bedoune_tarikh__bedoune_emza__no_date__no_signature__-_director_vahid_jalilvand.jpgBorn in Teheran in 1976, Vahid Jalilvand graduated there as a theatre director. In 1996, he started his career at the state broadcasting company as an editor and then as a director.


He directed over 30 documentaries about society and industry. He also worked in Iranian TV series. His Wednesday, May 9 was presented in the Orizzonti section at the 2015 Venice Film Festival and won the FIPRESCI Award.


Cinema is often considered the art closest to real life: is there any way where you feel you identify with the movie’s protagonists?
I personally don't believe the characters of the film must have a real-life counterpart. I do believe, though, that artistic creation lacks in efficacy if there is no strong relationship with society and people. Ali Zarnegar and I looked at and observed people for six months before we were able to create the characters of my films. When you do that, the affinity of cinema for the real becomes apparent, my own crew saw the characters of the film embodied in random people they met.

How do wisdom and courage influence Nariman’s behaviour?
I think it is hard for human being to display courage and wisdom at the same time. Max Weber explains how different sorts of wisdom can coexist: the wisdom of survival and the wisdom of values. In the Orient, the wisdom of survival is prevalent. It does not opposite the wisdom of values, rather, it complements it. It is also true that the perfect human being is the one who has both, which is exactly Dr Nariman’s challenge: courage and wisdom, together.



For Wednesday, May 9Shahnameh (The Book of Kings): I was very happy when I knew that Francis Ford Coppola recently recommended Shahnameh and emphasized the fact that the book is not merely a story of kings but also a drama with situations and characters that make up a compendium on human challenges. 

For No Date, No Signature: Hafez, a XIV-century poet who with his extraordinary poetry can purify the soul of the reader. He taught me that each film I make is an insane quest to look for myself. Definitely, this film comes from the craziness of Hafez.