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BIENNALE ARTE 2017 | Endgame
Written by Fabio Marzari   
mercoledì, 08 novembre 2017

charles_atlas.jpgSpeaking about the title of the 57th Art Biennale, Christine Macel said: “Viva Arte Viva sets the tone for this Biennale. An edition that, while debating complex political and social questions, has its own energy and dynamism. I chose this title to positively arouse the public’s curiosity. Viva means celebration as well as it is the expression of vitality.” An astute idea. 


Mere weeks from closing time, the numbers speak of planetary success. The Biennale showed vitality above all records, beyond the social rituals of vernissage, reaching out and convincing a vast, diverse public around a project that begins with art and goes on to draw the aesthetics of living. A world of art represented by nations that cancel the distances between them and overcome prejudice.


 National Pavilions and Collateral Events at Giardini, Arsenale, and around town saw visitors constantly coming in day after day and the Biennale formula proved, once again, very effective. Art is everywhere and its pacific invasion made Venice the queen of modernity.


Biennale has always been at the avant-garde and the positive perception of the last few edition, and this year’s in particular, is one of openness to worlds that used to be far away from each other. We don’t feel like Martians anymore in front of a modern art installation, gone are the times of self-serving artistic provocation. The task for art is one of guidance – it shows our urgencies and anticipates possible solutions.


neto_biennale.jpgThe beauty of places and the richness of installations takes care of the rest. The uniqueness of Biennale is also that: our visit doesn’t end with the art, with the individual pieces. It represents the best of what Venice can give as an open, universal city, a hospitable, modern, living, and vital place.


«57. Biennale Arte – Viva Arte Viva»

Until 26 November 2017

Giardini, Arsenale, several places in Venice