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CARNEVALE 2018 | Happy Circus? A roof made of stars...
Written by Fabio Marzari   



January 27, and it’s Carnival season back again. As the rhetoric goes, here should come hyperbolic descriptions of crowds over crowds of merry party-goers, dance, jubilation, and fun for everyone. The reality is a bit different from that and it has been years since the Carnival of Venice cannot seem to get out of a certain maniera. The several editions end up looking all alike and nobody has been able to revive the glory of the years when art director Maurizio Scaparro created that unique atmosphere that made millions fall in love with Venice.


The party is engaging, alright, and events are all over the place, but we do believe we should expect more from Carnival. All this notwithstanding, the effort to make Venetian institutions work together did improve the offer.






The Venice City Museums, the Fenice Theatre, the Casino, and the Biennale were able to cooperate and produce worthy initiatives. Private enterprises offer a larger choice of parties and masked balls, up to and including the sumptuous Doge’s Ball, an event of global outreach that is more celebrated every year and tickets are a coveted prize. The cafés in Piazza San Marco, the Florian especially, are the Venetian home of beautiful masks and their 2018 batches of angel wings (locally: galani) are of excellent quality. You know how I know. Pastry shops all around town bake the season’s sweets non-stop, a joy to behold, but that feeling of locality, of a feast participated by Venetians first and foremost, is just not there. Carnival means improvisation, transgression, even ridicule.


Back in the days, insulting the authorities was generally understood to be lawful over Shrovetide and commoners would make fun of the Republic magistrates. Whatever the case, the Fellini-inspired 2018 edition will surely feed the authentic spirits and dreams of Carnival.  


«Carnevale di Venezia 2018. CREATUM: Civitas Ludens»

27th January-13th february several locations in Venice and Mestre