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VENEZIA77 | The juries
Written by Sara Sagrati   



President (Australia)

Some people seem to have come from another planet. They are supernatural creatures that don’t fit well with us humans. Yet, they are humans and one of these aethereal creatures comes from Australia. Her name is Cate Blanchett. Texan father, Australian mother, Cate fell on Earth on May 14, 1969 and started being noticed – who would have told – at a very young age. At twelve, she was the drama captain at her school. She didn’t choose theatre right away. At college, she took business and fine arts classes. Her vocation was born in 1989, as she was scouted and cast as a cheerleader in Kaboria. She took her first role and, back in Australia, enlisted at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. The rest is history: theatre with Geoffrey Rush, the first accolades, her role in Elizabeth, international success and the conquest of Earth. There will be no other Galadriel but her. Cate embodies sacredness, honours the Marvel and Indiana Jones universes, consecrates Allenian neuroses, tries her hand at serials, becomes a living manifesto, and will be the Lucille Ball icon for Aron Sorkin. “She is the woman I create for”, said of her Giorgio Armani. Two Oscars, one Coppa Volpi, a playwright husband, and four children. Formerly Jury President at Cannes in 2018, she is back in the same role at Venice.


Matt Dillon
actor (USA)
Veronika Franz
director, screenwriter (Austria)
Joanna Hogg
director, screenwriter (UK)
Nicola Lagioia
writer (Italy)
Christian Petzold
director, screenwriter (Germany)
Ludivine Sagnier
actress (France)








President (France), French director, screenwriter and actress, was born in Paris but grew up in Africa through the age of 13. She graduated in 1972 from IDHEC and worked as an assistant to Jacques Rivette, Costa-Gavras, Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders. Her debut film, Chocolat (1988), a reflection upon colonialism, won critical acclaim.


Oskar Alegria
director (Spain)
Francesca Comencini
director, screenwriter, writer (Italy)
Katriel Schory
producer (Israel)
Christine Vachon
producer (USA)










President (Italy), director, screenwriter and musician. His film Piranhas (La paranza dei bambini, 2019), adapted from the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano and presented in Competition at the Berlin Film Festival, won the Silver Lion for Best Screenplay and was distributed in over 20 countries. Fiore (2016), in competition in the Quinzaine section at Cannes, won the Special Nastro d’argento.


Remi Bonhomme
director, festival programmer (France)
Dora Bouchoucha
producer, festival director (Tunisia)