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VENEZIA77 |The crisis of fundamentals. Pietro Castellitto’s first feature at Orizzonti
Written by Fabio Marzari   

by Pietro Castellitto
con Massimo Popolizio, Manuela Mandracchia, Pietro Castellitto, Giorgio Montanini, Dario Cassini, Anita Caprioli, Marzia Ubaldi
(Italia, 109’)

It is early morning, the sea in Ostia is calm. A man knocks on a lady’s door to sell her a watch. A few days later, also in the early morning, a young graduate in philosophy will be excluded from the group chosen by his professor for the exhumation of Nietzsche’s body. Two wrongs. Two seemingly incompatible families: the Pavones, intellectuals belonging to the upper bourgeoisie and the Vismaras, proletarians and with strong fascist sympathies. Two antithetical households, sharing the same urban jungle as Rome. A trivial accident will cause these two opposite poles to collide. And the madness of a 25-year-old boy will uncover the cards to reveal that everyone has a secret and no one is what they seem. And that we’re all predators.


Pietro Castellitto presents in the Orizzonti section his first work I Predatori of which he is also screenwriter and interpreter, a film full of nastiness, satire and courage to go over the top. The director/actor said: "I am extremely happy to present my film in Venice. The upheaval of the pandemic has destroyed many certainties, opening the door to a new clash between cultures and worldviews, a fundamental premise for any artistic era. There is a war in this Venetian dawn and being a part of it is a source of pride. I thank Alberto Barbera and all the selectors for the trust given. I hope I'm up to it." The destruction of certainties and Nietzsche somehow have their presence in Castellitto's film.


It might be because of the degree in philosophy or for the family derivation – mother Margaret Mazzantini, talented and successful writer, traits that do not guarantee each other in the literary scene, and Sergio, actor amongst the most important and capable in the world of Italian entertainment – Pietro Contento Castellitto, born in 1991, made his film debut at thirteen years in a small part in the film of his father Non ti muovere (2004). He was directed by his father in two other films:  Love and Slaps in 2010 and Twice Born in 2012. In the same year he was chosen by Lucio Pellegrini to play the role of Marco in the comedy E nata una star? with Luciana Littizzetto and Rocco Papaleo. In 2018 he played Secco in Emanuele Scaringi's La profezia dell'armadillo, for which he won the Biraghi Prize at the Nastri d’Argento 2019. Pietro did not choose cinema for mental 'laziness'; his story is that of a young intellectual son of his time and being able to have solid and strong popular passions, such as that for Roma, the team dear to his heart, which sees him in this period engaged in the shooting of Speravo de morì prima as the protagonist. In this film produced by Sky he plays Francesco Totti, idol of the Roma fans and emblem of a whole city.