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[INTERVIEW] Theorem of Light. Arthur Duff and the shape of future
Written by Mariachiara Marzari   

arthur-duff_potrait.jpgSpaces and Art
Art needs a space to grow in. we can’t ignore the environment existing around anything we see happening. My work is all about the exchange between defining space and understanding what happens within.

Lights. Natural, artificial, inner, outer…
I think the real question about light is what information it carries. Light cannot but reveal a fragment of its original source. I believe art only works when suspended midway between spaces and definitions.


Technology. What potential and what limits?
Technology is a means to an end. It all starts with a need, but also with curiosity and love. I won’t restrict defining the tools I use to absolute ideas. A needle is an ‘archaic’ tool, yet the laser projection tools I use also have needles. Several essential tools of mine are mechanic and present mechanical limits. Limits determine potential and choice.


Art and physical perception
I need to remove any trace and re-map my territory and my location first. I need a new orientation for any new project, this way I won’t lose that sense of wonder. At this time, I work with neon tubes. I try to solve the problem of the articulation of the tube and the electrical wires in space – a sculptural problem. The fact that these two elements are ontologically inseparable fascinates me.


«Arthur Duff | Things with endings»

Until 16 January 2016
Marignana Arte,
 Dorsoduro 141, Rio Terà dei Catecumeni - Venice